Lending Library Agreement

All items in our lending library are available to be borrowed for a term no longer than one meeting to the next month’s meeting. Carriers must be returned in the condition that they were lent out in. Please read and adhere to the following:

1. You assume the responsibility for safely using all carriers and for inspecting the stitching and fabric on all carriers to satisfy yourself that the carrier is sound and suitable for use with your child, and you assume the risk of using a carrier. Each time you borrow a carrier, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless BWISC, its leaders and members, for any harm that may result to you or your child from the use of the carrier.

2. Do not expose a carrier to tobacco smoke or tobacco smoke residue. Do not use a carrier where people are smoking, and do not store a carrier in a place where there is tobacco smoke residue, such as in a car where someone smokes.

3. Checkout is for one month only. If you cannot return the item at the next month’s meeting, please return it to a leader in person before the meeting. You must bring it to a leader, leaders are not responsible for coming to you. If you chose to have a third party return it to the leaders, please arrange that. Leaders will not be responsible for third party returns.

4. Please return all carriers in such a condition that they are ready for the next person to check out. This means the carrier should be reasonably clean and neatly folded. Please do not wash the carriers. If there is a situation warranting laundering of a carrier, contact a librarian.

5. Please treat the carriers with respect. If you ruin a carrier, you are responsible for paying the actual replacement cost of the carrier,at new retail value, including shipping. Using fabric softener or bleach on a carrier will be considered ruined. Replacement or repair determination is at the sole discretion of the leaders. If a carrier is damaged, and can be repaired, you will be charged for any necessary repairs. Please never try to repair damage you have done to a carrier.

6. Special care and use of woven wraps: Please pay extra attention to rings, zippers, keys, and other objects with sharp/pointed edges when you are wrapping with and using a woven wrap. Sharp edges can cause pulled threads, broken threads, and even holes. Some or all of these can cause enough damage to ruin a woven wrap. If there is damage as described above upon return, the borrower will be liable for the cost of repair and/or replacement of the wrap.

7. Violation of these policies may result in termination of a member’s borrowing privileges.